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Hanoi street food ranks at the top No 1 in Asia

Beef noodle, grilled pork with noodle, crab spring roll or ice condensed milk coffee are advised to tried once when visiting Hanoi. Travel magazine of skyscanner has listed 5 top cities for food in Asia in which Hanoi street food ranks at the top 1.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Besides beef or chicken noodles are often suggested when talking about Hanoi street food, but we are not unable to ignore grilled pork with noodle and sauce. Crab spring roll should not miss in Hanoi as well. After trying street food, you should not forget to taste a cup of ice condensed milk coffee.

Old Quarter in Hanoi is recognized as the food paradise with hundred street restaurants. Choosing busy restaurants and enjoying on your own way are always recommended when visiting Hanoi.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is famous for its delicious street food. The bustling street of Sukhumvit Soi 38 is the best place showing a diversified food culture of Thailand.

Thai stir fired noodles of Pad See Ew or grilled pork on skewers - Moo Ping are top dishes and often chosen by tourists at this street. Besides, there are a wide range of desserts such as fried bananas, mangosteens and sticky rice with mango which are very attractive to visitors as well.

Visitors can go on the food exploration through China town including Yaowarat, Banglamphu and Wang Lang

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is the interference place of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures which is considered as one of the best destinations for street food in the world. The beautiful city of George Town is an important entrance gate to find the street vendors.

The typical dishes here include Assam Laksa (noodles cooked with sweet and sour codfish broth), Rojak salad, Canai roti and fried noodle of Char Kway Teow.

Taipei, Taiwan

Visiting street food night market will bring you a feel of luxury and wealthy. There are many tasty dishes here such as, Taiwanese oyster omelet or grilled octopus on skewers…Gua Bao Pork dumplings, beef noodle soup, stinky tofu…are also specialties. Besides, there are many snacks for your try and if you do not what to eat, just try deep fried milk.

Night markets of Feng Chia, Shilin or Liouhe Tourist are great recommendations

Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka is always recommended for food lovers and the best food of this land is noodle with Tonkotsu ramen broth. The noodle is very greasy and sweet extracted from the broth associated with simmered pork, eggs and seaweed…

This place is also famous for its bustling outdoor food stalls (Yatai) which are only opened at sunrise. Yatai stalls are recognized as restaurants where serve Yakitori roasted chickens, shrimps, fishes and octopus of Tempura with tasting sake wine.

The best Yatai stalls can be found at District of Tenjin and Nakasu.